What Is A Coffee Nap? How Does It Work?

A coffee nap is when you drink coffee right before you take a quick nap. It is great for when you’re feeling sleepy during the day and have a spare twenty minutes! The really interesting thing about this is studies have shown that doing this is more effective than taking a nap or drinking coffee separately! We’ve discussed other benefits of drinking coffee but didn’t think there would be a benefit to napping! So, how does this work?  We need to understand the timing of both napping and caffeine absorption in the body. According to Smithsonian Magazine: Soon after you drink […]

Ways To Use Old Coffee Grounds

I found this great article at Healthline about all the different uses for coffee grounds! I was surprised on many of them and I am very motivated to try several! Here are some of the many uses: Fertilize Your Garden Most soil needs to be replenished with nutrients that are depleted as you grow various plants. Coffee grounds contain several necessary nutrients for plant growth. Repel Insects and pests Spreading grounds around your garden and outdoor seating areas helps to keep pests away since coffee compounds are highly toxic to insects! Scrub your pots and pans The coarse texture of […]