K-Cup Coffee That Could Save The Planet!

I used to have a Keurig Machine. I loved the convenience and speed of getting my coffee in the morning! It was a great way to enjoy a morning mug. What I never liked were the single-use plastic pods that are being consumed and dumped into landfills by the billions! That was the final straw for me. I got a simple Automatic Brew Machine instead. If I had known about Tayst Coffee, I may have reconsidered and may still. Tayst Coffee has developed a 100% compostable k-cup with delicious, gourmet coffee inside! These k-cups actually add nutrients back into the […]

Can Caffeine Cause Or Increase Anxiety?

I have struggled with anxiety in the past. It was at a point where I was losing sleep because I was worrying and obsessing about ridiculous things that, at the time, seemed very real. I was able to overcome it with therapy, medication and then meditation, eating well and regular exercise. I learned to recognize my triggers and let go of the useless worrying.

Newly Rediscovered Coffee Species Could Save The Industry From Climate Change!

Like so many other life forms, the world of coffee is threatened by the increasing temperatures and irregular rain patterns that are a result of climate change. The varieties that produce the best tasting coffee have had difficulty adapting to the threat but a species in West Africa can grow in harsher conditions and tastes like the highly quality Arabica bean. This species is called Stenophylla. It is a rare wild plant that is heat and drought tolerant as well. It comes at the right time as scientists estimate that about 50% of areas where coffee currently is cultivated will […]

The Best Ways To Brew Coffee At Home

What is the best way to brew coffee at home? Well, it depends on what you are looking for. Do you want convenience? Do you want the best tasting cup of coffee? Do you want to take up minimum counter space? Are you old fashioned in your tastes? Let’s review some of the best methods. What is your favorite way to make coffee? Leave a comment below. Automatic Drip Coffee Maker This is the most popular and well-known method for home brewing. This is a very convenient way to make multiple cups of coffee, depending on your machine. It involves […]

Ways To Use Old Coffee Grounds

I found this great article at Healthline about all the different uses for coffee grounds! I was surprised on many of them and I am very motivated to try several! Here are some of the many uses: Fertilize Your Garden Most soil needs to be replenished with nutrients that are depleted as you grow various plants. Coffee grounds contain several necessary nutrients for plant growth. Repel Insects and pests Spreading grounds around your garden and outdoor seating areas helps to keep pests away since coffee compounds are highly toxic to insects! Scrub your pots and pans The coarse texture of […]

Where Does Coffee Come From?

Great question! And one that has been speculated for generations! “Where did coffee originate?” Legend has it that an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi saw some of his goats eating the cherries of the coffee plant and noticed that they were very hyper and energetic. He tried the berry for himself and gave him the same experience. He felt energized and jittery. Word spread of this and led to coffee becoming one of the most consumed drinks around the globe! There are other origin stories but I like this one the best! So, let’s talk about coffee beans. They are […]

Is Drinking Coffee Black Better For You?

I like my coffee black. The pure flavor of black coffee has become one of my favorite tastes! Enjoying the full flavor and aroma has become a huge part of my morning ritual. I used to drink it with milk and sugar but I decided to wean myself and go full dark. It took a while to adjust but, ultimately, I was able to retrain my palate to first tolerate and then LOVE the taste! Why would I do that, you ask? Let me list the reasons. I’m cheap. There. I said it. I make and drink coffee at home […]

Why Coffee Is Good For You!

If you’re worried about being addicted to coffee, you may want to take a deep breath and read the rest of this post. Coffee may be one of the healthiest addictions on the planet! A huge study out of the UK in 2018 showed that people who drink coffee are less likely to die than non-coffee drinkers. Are you breathing easier yet? In fact, drinking coffee has many health benefits that you may or may not be aware of. Let’s go through them, shall we? First, and most obviously, coffee can improve energy levels. We all know this to be […]