Does Caffeine Help Sleep Deprivation?

A new study shows that caffeine does not help sleep deprivation.

We’ve all been there. You wake up after a night of poor sleep. Feeling groggy and exhausted, you reach for that magical elixir called coffee. You get your energy boost. You start to feel less tired. But do you perform better after drinking coffee? Not according to a new study.

New Study Shows Coffee Benefits Brain Function!

We are learning more and more about how coffee benefits so many aspects of our biology. Now, a new study shows that coffee benefits brain function! A study out of Portugal’s University of Minho School of Medicine compared several factors of brain function with coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers. The team led by School of Medicine President Nuno Sousa used MRI scans for the study. reports: As a result, Sousa and his team discovered that there is, indeed, a connection between drinking coffee and “a more efficient and beneficial pattern of connections with respect to motor control and alertness.” In […]

Will Drinking More Coffee Make You Live Longer?

Does drinking more coffee make you live longer? There have so many studies on the health effects of coffee. Some saying it’s good. Some saying it’s bad. But lately the evidence seems to be leaning more towards good than bad. Yahoo News just recently reported a new study showing that drinking at least 3 cups of coffee each day can prolong your life. Researchers from the Chung-Ang University and the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency penned the new coffee study, highlighting the benefits of regular coffee use on one’s health, The Korea Herald explained. Published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition […]

What Is A Coffee Nap? How Does It Work?

A coffee nap is when you drink coffee right before you take a quick nap. It is great for when you’re feeling sleepy during the day and have a spare twenty minutes! The really interesting thing about this is studies have shown that doing this is more effective than taking a nap or drinking coffee separately! We’ve discussed other benefits of drinking coffee but didn’t think there would be a benefit to napping! So, how does this work?  We need to understand the timing of both napping and caffeine absorption in the body. According to Smithsonian Magazine: Soon after you drink […]

Coffee Review For Golden Ratio Coffee

Here is my Golden Ratio Coffee review. My package arrived yesterday afternoon, after my third cup of coffee. So I tried it for the first time this morning. I recently blogged about this brand and I was excited to try it out! I ordered the original gold coffee flavor. They also offer Chai Spiced and Vanilla Coconut. The shipping box has the Golden Ratio Coffee brand on the outside so it got me excited when it first arrived. When I opened the box there was a printed information/promotion card as well as another branding statement on the box cover. I […]

10 Coffee Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed!

So you think you have the perfect coffee set up and don’t need any cool coffee gadgets? The brewer that makes a delicious drink. The mug that cleverly declares your love for coffee. What if there are some cool gadgets out there that can up your coffee game? What you don’t know may be keeping you in the minor leagues! Let’s take a look at some handy coffee gadgets to make drinking coffee that much more special!  1. COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set Tired of your coffee getting cold too quickly? This 24-watt warmer is perfect for home […]

What Is Golden Ratio Coffee?

I came across a very interesting coffee product called Golden Ratio Coffee. I was researching brewing and roasting methods and techniques and found it online. The owner of this Austin,TX based company discovered this lightly roasted coffee bean on a trip to Seattle. He had given up on coffee for some of its adverse side effects. He loved the flavor of Golden Coffee and the lack of problems drinking regular coffee caused. However, he couldn’t find any golden coffee locally or online, so he decided to start roasting it himself. It intrigued me for several reasons: The Golden Color As […]

What Is Cold Brew Coffee And How Do You Make It?

Cold brew coffee is different from Iced coffee, where the coffee is brewed hot and iced is added to it. Cold brewing involves soaking coarse ground coffee beans in cold water over an extended period of time. As a result, there is a concentrated brew that is then filtered and enjoyed warm or cold. There are many different methods for the the brew process. Some are simple like placing the coffee and water in a mason jar to steep or you can use cold brew equipment designed specifically for this method. Benefits Of Cold Brewing: Low Acid – Cold brew […]

Do You have Caffeine Sensitivity? Me Too!

Hi, my name is Phil and I am a caffeine addict! There I said it. Well, I guess the name of the website gives it away. When I wake up and pour that coffee, I love the feeling caffeine gives me. I feel energized, alert and ready to take on the day. Most days, that’s my experience. But, if I drink too much coffee (more that 2 cups), too quickly, without eating, I get light-headed, shaky and start to feel anxious. I lose that energy boost and focus. Is that caffeine sensitivity? Yes it is. Not only am I a caffeine […]

What is an Aeropress and why do people love it?

The Aeropress coffee maker has been around since 2005. It was invented by Physicist Alan Adler. He had previously invented the Aerobie Pro Flying Ring. His goal was to create a way to brew the best tasting and easiest to make cup of coffee. Millions of Aeropress devotees agree that he succeeded!  The Aeropress uses a forced extraction method of brewing coffee, similar to an espresso machine. It is also similar to a French press, since you push the water through a filter to separate the grounds from the liquid.  So, what makes the Aeropress so popular! Why do people […]