The Top 7 Home Coffee Roasters

Roasting your own coffee at home is a delicious and rewarding experience that allows you to control the flavor and intensity of your brew. To do this, you’ll need a dedicated coffee roaster. In this blog post, we’ll explore the seven best home coffee roasters on the market to help you find the perfect one for your needs. 1 Behmor 1600 Plus – This roaster is a great option for those who want a user-friendly and customizable home roaster. It features a simple one-touch interface, as well as a variety of roasting settings to help you achieve the perfect roast […]

I Roasted Coffee Beans At Home!

I was watching this TedX talk that my cousin in Portugal forwarded to me. It was about how roasting your own coffee leads to a far better tasting coffee that keeps its vitality for about a week. I became a little obsessed about trying to roast coffee at home! So, I did some research on the different ways to roast coffee at home and found out that using an air popcorn popper works fairly well. I’ve got one of those!! So, I went online to find some green coffee beans to roast and bought Stone Street Colombian Supremo from Amazon. […]

Drinking Coffee Can Extend Your Life: New Study

Another study from The Annals of Internal Medicine links drinking coffee to living a longer life. From MSN: “The newest study analyzed coffee consumption habits of more than 170,000 people in the United Kingdom ages 37 to 73 and followed them for an average of seven years. Researchers found that those who drank between 1.5 to 3.5 cups of coffee per day were 16% to 21% less likely to die from all-cause, cancer-related and cardiovascular disease-related mortality during the study period than non-coffee drinkers.“ Yup. A steady stream of studies that continue to show how beneficial coffee can be to improve your health and […]