Coffee Review For Golden Ratio Coffee

Here is my Golden Ratio Coffee review. My package arrived yesterday afternoon, after my third cup of coffee. So I tried it for the first time this morning. I recently blogged about this brand and I was excited to try it out! I ordered the original gold coffee flavor. They also offer Chai Spiced and Vanilla Coconut. The shipping box has the Golden Ratio Coffee brand on the outside so it got me excited when it first arrived. When I opened the box there was a printed information/promotion card as well as another branding statement on the box cover. I […]

What Is Golden Ratio Coffee?

I came across a very interesting coffee product called Golden Ratio Coffee. I was researching brewing and roasting methods and techniques and found it online. The owner of this Austin,TX based company discovered this lightly roasted coffee bean on a trip to Seattle. He had given up on coffee for some of its adverse side effects. He loved the flavor of Golden Coffee and the lack of problems drinking regular coffee caused. However, he couldn’t find any golden coffee locally or online, so he decided to start roasting it himself. It intrigued me for several reasons: The Golden Color As […]