I came across a very interesting coffee product called Golden Ratio Coffee. I was researching brewing and roasting methods and techniques and found it online. The owner of this Austin,TX based company discovered this lightly roasted coffee bean on a trip to Seattle. He had given up on coffee for some of its adverse side effects. He loved the flavor of Golden Coffee and the lack of problems drinking regular coffee caused. However, he couldn’t find any golden coffee locally or online, so he decided to start roasting it himself. It intrigued me for several reasons:

The Golden Color

As the name implies, when brewed, this coffee has a semi-clear golden color to it. This is due to them roasting the beans at a lower temperature than usual coffee roasting. It is quite surprising to see this when thinking of coffee. In fact the color is not alone in its distinction. The flavor is describe as that of a strong cup of tea.

The Brew Method

Golden Ratio Coffee is packaged and brewed in tea-like bags! So “steep” would be the best description for the brewing process.

What Else Makes Golden Ratio Coffee Different?

So, you may be asking yourself why should I try this type of coffee, when I love the look and flavor of my regular coffee?

It’s Less Acidic

Golden Ratio says there coffee is 5 times less acidic than regular coffee. They claim that this causes less stomach upset that many coffee drinkers experience.

The Low Roasting Method Retains More Antioxidants

Golden Ration does a very light roasting of their beans. So, they are not raw, green beans. This avoids the breakdown of naturally occurring antioxidants found in green coffee beans and avoids the breakdown to form quinic acids.

This photo shows roasting levels of coffee.
Golden Ratio Coffee Roasts Its Bean To A Light Golden Color

It Causes Less Teeth Staining

Coffee, especially without cream and sugar will stain teeth over time. Golden Ratio even conducted a study and confirmed that their brew causes significantly less staining due mainly to the golden color.

It Is Incredibly Convenient To Make

Because it is packaged in its own singular packet, you can steep it like tea and control how much coffee you consume. There is no waste, like brewing a full pot causes and no cleanup of grounds or machines.

If your are also intrigued and would like to try Golden Ratio Coffee for yourself. You can click on the image below. Let me know what you think of the concept of golden coffee.

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