So, I have been having a blast roasting my own coffee beans at home! I started with a air popcorn popper and got okay results. I then roasted them in my cast iron skillet on my gas grill but I ran out of propane before I got to medium roast.

Frustrated with the process, I decided to buy a reasonably priced home roaster on Amazon. I was very excited when it arrived.

This type of roaster works best when roasting anywhere from 300 – 500 grams of beans. I tried 400 grams of Anthony’s green coffee beans with my first batch. The amount of chaff that was created was a bit much and the amount of smoke, even with my hood fan on high, was also too much for indoor roasting.

After the first 12 minutes the beans started to turn a light yellowish/brown.

Ultimately, getting to a medium dark roast took just over 30 minutes. I then quickly removed the beans from the roaster to avoid continued roasting due to the remaining high temperatures.

When the beans cooled, I let them rest overnight to degass. Grinding and brewing the beans was a normal process and the coffee tasted delicious!!

If you’re interested in trying to roast your own coffee beans with this same roaster, you can click here to view on Amazon!

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