We are learning more and more about how coffee benefits so many aspects of our biology. Now, a new study shows that coffee benefits brain function!

A study out of Portugal’s University of Minho School of Medicine compared several factors of brain function with coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers. The team led by School of Medicine President Nuno Sousa used MRI scans for the study. EatThis.com reports:

As a result, Sousa and his team discovered that there is, indeed, a connection between drinking coffee and “a more efficient and beneficial pattern of connections with respect to motor control and alertness.” In other words, if you feel more alert and “with it” once you’ve had your morning coffee, this study has confirmed that the beverage does have those effects on your brain.

What’s more, the researchers also found dynamic activity in several areas of the brain that indicate coffee can increase the ability to learn and focus, as well as process and store memories.

it was also reported that some coffee drinkers had an increase in stress levels after drinking coffee. We have discussed coffee and stress levels previously.

Another interesting finding with the study was the effect of coffee on non-coffee drinker’s brain function. According to Fox56:

According to the study, when non-coffee drinkers had a cup, they also demonstrated similar brain activity shortly after consuming coffee.

So, even if you don’t drink coffee on a regular basis, drinking even one cup of coffee benefits your brain function as well!

There have been so many studies on the benefits and the hazards of drinking coffee that it is confusing to decide what is best for you. However, I have been finding that more and more studies seem to be leaning towards how drinking coffee benefits us in so many ways. So, stay calm and enjoy your coffee, smarty pants!!!