I like my coffee black. The pure flavor of black coffee has become one of my favorite tastes! Enjoying the full flavor and aroma has become a huge part of my morning ritual. I used to drink it with milk and sugar but I decided to wean myself and go full dark. It took a while to adjust but, ultimately, I was able to retrain my palate to first tolerate and then LOVE the taste! Why would I do that, you ask? Let me list the reasons.

I’m cheap. There. I said it. I make and drink coffee at home almost always. When I do buy coffee at a shop, I don’t want to pay $5.00 plus for a Frappiato/Machachino of whatever you call it! I’ve got better things to spend my money on, like Bourbon!

Black coffee is lower in calories, which is pretty important for anyone watching their weight. That’s like a huge chunk of society, including myself! A quick search for calorie count on Starbucks concoctions shows you can be consuming up to 600 calories with one drink! I’ve got more important calories to consume, like Bourbon!

Another benefit of drinking black coffee is to maximize the fat burning benefits. The caffeine in Coffee stimulates the breakdown of fat cells in the body and makes fatty acids available for the body to use as energy. Studies have shown that adding cream and sugar can reduce the level of benefit to your body. Why do that when we have so many other ways of enjoying those calories, like Bourbon!

So, you may ask how you can switch to drinking your coffee black. You can gradually reduce the amount of cream and sugar in your coffee until you no longer need any. You can go cold turkey and just “power through” until you get used to it. I recommend the first method. Funny enough, changing your mug can help! Studies have shown that drinking coffee from a white mug my have you believe the coffee tastes more bitter than it actually does compared to a clear mug. It’s worth a try! Ultimately, you will be better off drinking your coffee black. But, whatever you do, enjoy coffee on your terms. It makes life SO much better…Like Bourbon.