So, conventional wisdom says that, since caffeine is a diuretic, drinking coffee would dehydrate you.

Not so fast!

A new study suggests that moderate consumption of caffeine beverages like coffee can actually be hydrating.

from LifeSavvy:

As you’re likely already aware, coffee contains caffeine which is a diuretic. It causes your body to create more urine and could increase blood flow to the kidneys. The result is that you pee more, and that could affect hydration. That caffeine content paired with how often you drink coffee can determine whether it could be hydrating.

So the idea that coffee dehydrates you? It’s likely not the case at all. In fact, when consumed in moderate amounts, coffee can be part of your daily hydration needs. But you should also probably be drinking water alongside other hydrating beverages.

Well, that’s good to know!! Plus, check this out about long term coffee drinkers!

Over time, regular coffee drinkers can grow accustomed to the diuretic effects of moderate amounts of caffeine (think your daily cup). They’ll have little to no effect on hydration.

Move over Gatorade! Coffee is my hydrating drink of choice!! ?